Telemarketing Fraud

Solicitors are calling Livingston County residents representing that they are soliciting money for the Sheriff Department. If you receive such a call please obtain as much information as possible and contact the Sheriff Department.

Ruse Home Invasion

A common method of gaining entry to the inside of one’s home uses the technique professional magicians use to fool their spectators. Namely, misdirection. When a magician wants to do something he doesn’t want you to see he will get you to look elsewhere. This is what people using Ruse Home Invasion do also.

Ruse Home Invasion usually begins with a person knocking on the front door claiming to offer the homeowner a really good deal on something. It could be frozen foods that they “didn’t sell on their normal delivery route”, tree trimming, blacktop resurfacing, etc. Their first goal is to get you interested in whatever it is they have to offer. When they get you interested, one person will occupy (misdirect) you while their partners go through your home looking for and taking any valuables they can. Sometimes they actually deliver the service they speak of, which simply gives them more time to look for valuables. In the end, they leave, with your property. Usually they offer no business name or, if they do, a bogus one. This makes it all but impossible to track them down. Sometimes an actual business engages in this scam but if they are not caught in the act it is very difficult to pin them down.

There is one simple but effective way you can keep from becoming a victim of Ruse Home Invasion… Do not accept or discuss work or purchase items with someone who comes to your door without being called. If you didn’t call them, send them away!


Slamming is the illegal practice of changing your telephone provider without consent. This scam is on the rise. Read the following tips to help keep yourself from becoming a victim of slamming.
  • Don’t sign “cash bonus checks” or respond to contest offers without reading the fine print. You may be changing your telephone company and not even know it.
  • If you have not switched services but receive a letter or postcard verifying a switch, notify the sender that you did not authorize the change.
  • Read you phone bill every month.  If you see any unfamiliar names or charges that you can not identify, call the company issuing the charges or your local phone company.
If you do not know who carries your long distance or local toll calls, here is a fast way to find out: To check your long distance provider, dial (700) 555-4141.

If you are slammed:

  • Call your phone service provider to be switched back.
  • Ask your carrier if they offer protection against being slammed in the future.
  • Call the company that slammed you and ask for proof that you authorized a switch.

Pigeon Drop

A person claims to find a large sum and wants to share it, but needs to check with an attorney in case the owner comes back. The crook asks the victim to hold the money and hand over some personal cash for security. The crook leaves the victim holding a sack usually filled with newspaper.

Rock in the Box

Someone offers to sell an expensive TV still sealed in the box. The package actually contains rocks or other heavy objects.

Bank Examiner

A person disguised as an investigator stands outside a bank and states a teller is stealing cash and passing out counterfeit money. The crook takes the “counterfeit” money from the customer exiting the bank and runs away.

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