Livingston County Sheriff’s Deputies are members of the Livingston Regional SWAT Team. Our current SWAT team came into existence in January of 2019 with the formal execution of a Mutual Aid Agreement, consolidating two local Special Response Teams (SRT), the Southeast Livingston SRT Team, and the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office SRT Team.

Prior to the consolidation, the Sheriff’s Office had formed an SRT Team in 1999 consisting of only sheriff deputies, while the Southeast Livingston SRT Team had been active since 2012 and consisted of officers from the City of Brighton, Hamburg Township, and Green Oak Township. Both teams generally worked and trained independent of each other.

In January of 2018, both SRT teams consolidated to maximize personnel, equipment, and resources which would enhance the capabilities/services that could be provided to the residents of Livingston County, as well as lead to the long-term stability of a tactical team.

Both SRT Teams began training together and other police agencies within the county were invited to train with the teams. The City of Howell accepted the invitation. The purpose of the joint training was to determine the feasibility of sharing resources and personnel to have a one county-wide SWAT Team. The experiment was a success and the Livingston Regional SWAT was born. Our current team consists of 24 officers from the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office, City of Brighton Police Department, Hamburg Township Police Department, Green Oak Police Department, and City of Howell Police Department.

In addition, and working in coordination with the Livingston Regional SWAT, the Sheriff’s Office has six highly trained Crisis Negotiators. Each negotiator has been certified by the Michigan Association of Hostage Negotiators and trained by the Federal Bureau of Investigations in Crisis Resolution. Working with SWAT, Negotiators’ ultimate goal in every situation will be to resolve the conflict without injury to victims, bystanders, officers, or perpetrators/subjects whenever possible.

Sheriff’s Office
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