Filing Fee: $175

When a minor child receives an asset, including money, and a conservator is required, a petition can be filed to have a conservator appointed. If you or another party wish to be appointed the conservator for a minor, the Petition for Appointment of Conservator needs to be completed. An Acceptance of Appointment is required to be completed by the person who you wish to be appointed as conservator. A bond may be required if the minor is 14 years of age or older. If so, the minor may sign the Petition where indicated in Paragraph 17.

Certified copies of Letters of Authority can be purchased for $13 each.

Filing Instructions

Petition for Appointment of Conservator (PC 639)

  • Must be completed and signed by the petitioner and may be signed be the minor, if they are 14 years of age or older.

Protected Personal Identifying Information (MC 97)

  • Please refer to the petition as to what information is required on this form.

Acceptance of Appointment (PC 571)

  • Must be signed by the proposed conservator.

Addendum to Protected Personal Identifying Information (MC 97a)

  • Refer to the Acceptance of Appointment form as to what information is required on this particular form.

Records Check Release Form

Upon the filing of the petition and other required documents, a hearing date will be scheduled.

Restricted Letters of Authority

Typically, the court will issue Letters of Conservatorship that are Restricted. This means that you will be required to deposit the funds subject to this conservatorship into a restricted account. The financial institution will need to sign a Restricted Account Agreement. Funds that are restricted are not to be withdrawn or used without a court order, until the minor reaches the age of 18.

Annually, the conservator is required to provide an Annual Verification of Funds (PC 669), signed by the financial institution.


Letters of Conservatorship (Unrestricted)

If your Letters of Conservatorship are not restricted, the court will likely require you to post a surety bond through an approved surety company. An insurance agent may be able to help you obtain a surety bond. The surety company will change an annual premium for the bond.

In addition to the bond requirement, the conservator will be required to file accounts each year. There is a $20 filing fee required for these accounts. Accounts will need to be served to all interested parties and approved by the court.

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