A Conservator is a person granted authority by the court to be responsible for the “estate” of an adult (“Protected Individual”) or minor child. A Conservator is needed if an individual is unable to effectively manage his or her property or business affairs. Upon appointment, a Conservator of a Protected Individual must accumulate, preserve, and protect the assets of the Protected Individual. If the Conservatorship is over a minor’s estate, the Conservator must keep all the minor’s funds in a restricted account and file proof of that with the court annually.

Conservatorship of an Incapacitated Adult

Conservatorship of a Minor

What to Know Before Filing a Petition to Appoint a Conservator

Petitioning the Probate Court for a guardianship or conservatorship should be the last option to be used rather than the first. These alternative options are designed to be less intrusive on the life of the ward and less expensive than Court proceedings.

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