A Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a multi-year planning instrument used by governments to identify needed capital projects in an effort to coordinate the financing and timing of improvements in a way that maximizes the value to the public. A Capital Improvement Plan allows for the planning of projects over a certain period of time that County Departments are requesting to be financed with County funds to build, renovate, or buy equipment, infrastructure or property to be used as a public asset or to benefit the public.

For Livingston County Capital Improvement Plan budgetary purposes, a capital project is defined as:

  • A project large in size.
  • A project having a cost in excess of $50,000.
  • A project having a useful life greater than three (3) years.

It is important to note that a “capital project” differs from a “capitalized item”, which is a treatment of an asset for accounting purposes, that spreads (amortizes) the cost of the asset over its specified useful life and meets a minimum dollar threshold established by the organization’s capitalization policy.

Livingston County’s CIP is only concerned with reporting capital projects.

Michigan Public Act 33 of 2008 (also known as the Michigan Planning Enabling Act”) requires that the County “…annually prepare a 6-year Capital Improvement Program”.  In addition, the County Capital Improvement Plan is prepared per a process laid out in the Debt Management Policy supported by Board Resolution #702-288. The policy states that the County Planning Commission, in collaboration with the County Department of Planning, will annually prepare a multi-year inventory identifying projects approved or anticipated by various County departments.

County Departments and certain agencies supported and funded by the County are required to include their capital project requests for the upcoming year(s) in both the Capital Improvement Plan and the annual Operating Budget process.  The County Planning Department and County Administration recommend that the Capital Improvement Plan be reviewed with the annual Operating Budget Process and that all County Departments with requests for capital projects with estimated costs in excess of $50,000 provide the information to be included in the Capital Improvement Plan. County Administration requests that these entities include all projects fitting the aforementioned capital project definition, that are planned by your department for the upcoming six-year period, into the County Capital Improvement Plan.


Tips for filling our your

2025-2030 Livingston County

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)


Whether your department is submitting projects or not this Capital Improvement Plan period, you must still report your status for either situation, and there are forms to do so.

The tabs below provide your department with important tips to utilize and refer to in order to successfully complete and submit your annual Capital Improvement Plan documents.

If You Are Submitting a CIP Project

Departments that are submitting projects for consideration and inclusion in the 2025-2030 Capital Improvement Plan period are required to be submitted via the form entitled:

Departments will use this form to enter project information for all projects for the CIP period that are either:

  1. On-going CIP projects that require an update for this CIP Plan period; and/or,
  2. Newly planned CIP projects, that have not been submitted in any previous Capital Improvement Plan.

When submitting project forms, the submitter must fill out one “CIP-Department-Project-Submission-Form” for each individual CIP Project the department/agency is planning for during the CIP period, even if it was submitted in a previous CIP as either an on-going or new capital project. Therefore, it should be clearly understood that all previously submitted departmental/agency CIP projects being planned for 2025-2030 must be submitted with updated information with a new “CIP-Department-Project-Submission-Form”.


  • If your department submitted projects for the prior year CIP Period (FY 2024-2029) all Project Information Files for that CIP Plan period for your department have been supplied in your department’s CIP forms tab.
  • If the project is a continuing/on-going project from the previous FY 2024-2029 CIP Plan or any other previously submitted CIP Plan period, all project information needs to be updated and a new “CIP-Department-Project-Submission-Form” for the 2025-2030 CIP Plan period must be submitted.
  • If a project was previously submitted in a prior CIP period, but for some reason cancelled and not undertaken during that CIP period, and is now being resubmitted for FY 2025-2030 CIP, a new “CIP-Department-Project-Submission-Form” is required for this project to be considered for this CIP period.

If You Are Not Submitting a CIP Project

Department that are not submitting projects are required to fill out the form entitled:
2025-2030-CIP-Department-No CIP Projects to Submit Form”

Submitting this form indicates to the CIP Review Committee the department’s non-participation in this process for the current CIP period.

Once this form is submitted, your CIP Plan reporting responsibilities have been completed for this Plan period and nothing further is needed from your department


2025-2030 CIP

Calendar of Events

The link below provides information related to the timing and progress of the annual Capital Improvement Plan, from initial department submission dates to final Board of Commissioners Approval

2025-2030 CIP Calendar



Previous Capital Improvement Plans



County Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

For your reference, a copy of the previous fiscal year CIP (2024-2029) has been provided for you below.  Click on the cover photo below to access this document

Capital Improvement Plan Cover Page


Department Tabs Library

In the tabs below, you will find all the necessary information to aid and assist you in submitting your Capital Improvement Plan data for the 2025-2030 County Capital Improvement Plan. In the tabs below, you should find the following information:

  • If you are submitting projects: A blank “2025-2030-CIP-Department-Project-Submission-Form” for you to submit your department’s projects for this CIP period.
  • If you are not submitting projects: A blank “2025-2030-CIP-Department-No CIP Projects to Submit Form” to indicate and report your department’s non-participation for this CIP period.
  • Copy of the overall CIP project database spreadsheet from the 2024-2029 CIP Plan, which includes project name, project funding source, project years and project costs for all departments that submitted project for last year’s CIP Plan in a .pdf file entitled: “2024-2029-All CIP Projects With Funding and Project Year”.
  • Copy of your individual department’s previous year’s CIP (2024-2029) project submission forms listed in one scrollable .pdf file, entitled: “2024 CIP Plan-“Department Name” Projects”
  • Copy of the “2022-2026 Livingston County Strategic Plan”. You will need data from this Plan to complete your CIP project(s) submission(s) correctly.

Very Important Note – Before You Begin Filling Out Forms

  • Open the documents below in either Adobe Reader or Acrobat.
  • Download and Save the blank “CIP Department Project Submission Form” and the blank “No Projects To Submit Form” directly to your PC before filling out. This will allow you to use the “submit”, “print”, “reset”, or “save” buttons found in the top right corner of the documents. These buttons don’t work within a web browser environment. (NOTE: these buttons do not print or show up on a form that is submitted.)
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