Tax deductible donations can be designated for any use that benefits the residents of Livingston County.

The Livingston County Foundation (LCF) affords contributors the opportunity to donate at a level in which they are comfortable. Investors are also able to make contributions in installments. Installment giving provides the investor with the opportunity to spread out payments over the course of the fiscal year, therefore, maximizing your contributions at a level in which you are comfortable.

Credit Card/PayPal Donations

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Check & Money Order Donations

Make your Check or Money Order payable and mail to:
Livingston County Foundation
c/o Livingston County Administration
304 E. Grand River Ave., Suite 202
Howell, MI 48843

Planned Giving

Planned giving allows donors to make a real difference in Livingston County. It provides incalculable benefits for generations to come, and it can do this without negative impacts to donor’s existing commitments and financial well-being. Planned gifts can take various forms, some of which have tax advantages with respect to estate and inheritance taxes, income tax and capital gain tax. If you are considering a planned gift, it is recommended that you contact your attorney or financial advisor to determine which form is most beneficial.

  • Bequest by Will: This type of gift may take the form of a specific bequest to the LCF of a specified amount or asset, a residuary bequest (of all or part of an estate), or a contingent bequest (of an estate with no surviving family members).
  • Gift of Land: A gift of real estate is often the penultimate gift a donor can make, and major donations have been received by Livingston County in the form of land. Please see Livingston County’s land donation policy.
  • Stock Certificates: Ownership of stock certificates may be donated to the LCF, with the proceeds of their sale being dedicated to acquisition or development projects.
  • Annuities: The LCF may be designated as the beneficiary or owner of an annuity that, when matured, may be dedicated to a project.
  • Retirement Plan Assets: A retirement plan such as an IRA, 401K, or a profit sharing plan may be gifted, thereby reducing income tax liability.
  • Life Insurance Policies: If no longer needed, proceeds from a life insurance policy where the LCF is designated as beneficiary may be dedicated toward a project.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust: This type of trust allows the donor to retain or increase his or her income, with the remainder interest paid to the LCF.

The LCF will provide recognition for gifts received, as may be appropriate depending on the scale and nature of the donation. The LCF will make every effort to ensure that donor’s wishes are adhered to. Of course, the greatest benefit of donations comes from the appreciation of the many visitors of Livingston County’s parks, today and for generations to come.

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