Michigan’s compulsory education law requires parents and guardians to send children to school from the age of six until the child’s 18th birthday, with few exceptions. School attendance is important! 

  • Students with chronic absenteeism (missing 10% of total school year for any reason) have lower grades and are more likely to drop out than students with better attendance.
  • Truancy is not only detrimental to success in education, but is a stepping-stone to delinquent and criminal activity. Chronic absenteeism one of the most powerful predictors of delinquent behavior.

To obtain assistance with a student’s truancy, contact the Livingston County Attendance Officer Deputy Greg Thompson at gregthompson@livingstonesa.org.

Livingston County Attendance & Absenteeism Protocol

Local School

  1. District policy identifies attendance concerns. Letters are sent home and calls made.
  2. Parent/ student/ administration meeting to identify barriers. Create an Action Plan. Refer to school resources.
  3. Referral made to appropriate community agency.
  4. School contacts family informing them the next step is a referral to the Attendance Officer.
  5. If truancy/educational neglect continues, a minimum of 10 unexcused days and all of the above has been completed, then a referral to the Attendance Officer is made.

Attendance Officer

  1. Attendance Officer receives referral.
  2. Attendance Officer attempts to contact parents, addresses barriers to attendance, and makes referrals to appropriate outside agencies.
  3. Attendance Officer sends certified warning letter.
  4. Attendance Officer schedules meeting with school officials and student, if appropriate.
  5. If attendance does not improve, the Attendance Officer contacts the Prosecutor’s Office to file an educational neglect or truancy petition.
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