Several programs designed to assist inmates with their spiritual, emotional, and educational objectives are available at the Livingston County Jail facility. The Jail Chaplain offers non-denominational religious programs. In partnership with Inmate Services staff, the Jail Education Teacher provides educational and life skill opportunities. Professional medical services as well as mental health services are available for all incarcerated individuals.

Jail Chaplain

Chaplain Gary Childers
(517) 540-7965

Chaplain Childers is a trained, commissioned Chaplain, working under Reach The Forgotten Jail Ministry. Reach The Forgotten Jail Ministry,, is a non-profit ministry headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Chaplain Childers is not an employee of Livingston County; rather he is considered a missionary, supported by various churches and individuals. Chaplain Childers served in a 27 year career in law enforcement where he regularly sought out opportunities to share the hope and healing which God has to offer all those he encountered in that career. After retiring from law enforcement, Chaplain Childers felt called by God to serve with Reach the Forgotten in the Livingston County Jail.

The Chaplain’s office is further made up of three volunteer Associate Chaplains, one Assistant Chaplain and more than 60 volunteers who assist Chaplain Childers with ministry programs at the Jail. These individuals represent approximately 30 churches throughout the community and are available to minister to the needs of the inmates, regardless of their religious affiliation. Programs currently available to inmates include:

  • Worship services Sunday afternoons for all classified inmates
  • Bible Study Monday and Thursday evenings
  • Celebrate Recovery, a Biblical 12-Step addiction program; offered weekly
  • Catholic services offered weekly; reconciliation available weekly (upon request)
  • Biblical counseling and discipleship
  • Bible Correspondence Course; independent participation of inmate required
  • Bibles, devotional materials, and religious books (when available)

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Educational Services

(517) 540-7970


The General Education Diploma, or GED consists of four core subject areas, Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. After being assessed, students work at their own pace to improve in any concepts as needed. Upon successful completion of each subject area’s tests, students will earn their High School Equivalency Certificate from the State of Michigan. Since 2016, 49 males and 14 females have successfully earned their GED at the Livingston County Jail.

Parenting Skills

“Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing” is a national public awareness campaign designed to help parents recognize the power they hold to increase their children’s early brain and vocabulary development. Through simple, everyday actions parents are provided fun and easy ways to improve their babies’ learning. Despite being nationwide, the Livingston County Jail is the only county jail providing this program. Since June of 2022, 17 females and 36 males have completed Module One.

Job Skills

In partnership with MichiganWorks!, jobseekers are provided support in resume writing, discovering their work interests, as well as available training and programs they may qualify for when they return to the workforce.

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Medical Office

(517) 540-7972

The Livingston County Jail has a Medical Office that is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have questions regarding medical care, please contact the Medical Office, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at (517) 540-7972. Please be advised that due to HIPAA regulations there is very little we can discuss regarding an inmate’s care unless you have power of attorney for the inmate.

We understand that you want to make sure your loved one is receiving the proper care. After their arrival, all inmates are under the care of the Jail Physician and medical staff. Our medical staff frequently consult with an inmate’s healthcare providers, but ultimately the Jail Physician and medical staff make the decision on what care, medications, or other medical services will be provided.

The Jail also has a Mental Health Professional on site 70 hours per week and on-call after hours.

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Livingston County Jail
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