You must go through Inmate Calling Solutions to set up a pre-paid account. The Livingston County Jail does not have the ability to set up the account for you.

The Livingston County Jail has partnered with Inmate Calling Solutions allows inmates to call their family and friends. This system allows collect, pre-paid, or debit calls.

Many times phone companies will not allow or will put a “block” on a customer’s telephone, eliminating the ability to receive collect calls. Most cell phones will also not allow collect calls. You can set up and account with Inmate Calling Solutions and pre-pay to allow calls from the Jail.

For more information or to activate an account, please contact:

Inmate Calling Solutions
(888) 506-8407

Livingston County Jail
Jenny Nash, Livingston County Treasurer
Michael J. Murphy


(517) 546-2445


150 S Highlander Way
Howell, MI 48843


(517) 546-1800