Inmate Trust Fund Accounts

All monies in an inmates possession at the time of booking will be placed in an account. This money can be used for posting bond, purchasing commissary items or paying for phone calls. Inmate housing and other fees are also charged to this account and any available funds may be applied to balances due.

Account Deposits

The Livingston County Jail, in participation with Access Corrections allows inmate’s family and friends to make deposits via credit/debit cards to their Commissary Accounts. You may also come to the jail lobby and use a kiosk to deposit funds in cash or by credit/debit card. There is a fee to process deposits to inmate accounts. This fee is stated at the time you make the deposit.

Access Corrections
(866) 345-1884

Gift Packages

Family and friends can also send gift packages to inmates through our commissary vendor by going to or calling (800) 546-6283.

Livingston County Jail
Jenny Nash, Livingston County Treasurer
Michael J. Murphy


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