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Email, E-Photos & E-Video Message



As of September 1, 2023, we no longer offer the email and picture messaging through Access Corrections. Inmate communication will be navigated through the web-based ICSolutions Bridge Tablet system.

Inmate Email, E-Photos, and E-Video Messages

The ICSolutions Bridge Tablet – Friends & family create an account at There is an option for inmates to deposit money onto their own account from their Keefe commissary account or friends & family can add funds to the inmate’s tablet account.  Both parties must accept their contact before messaging. Friends & family have the option to send pictures, emails and a 30 second message video.  These photos remain on the inmate’s account for viewing and are not printed. All communication sent are electronically screened for inappropriate content and may be further screened by staff.  Any inappropriate content will be rejected with no refund and may result in suspension or revocation of your electronic privileges.  See mail rejection appeal  for information on how to appeal.


Tablet Account Refunds

Tablet account refunds can be requested by calling 1-866-516-0115

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