Livingston County Jail

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The existing Livingston County Jail was first built in 1972 with a capacity of 62 inmates. A jail expansion in 1996 increased our capacity to 205 inmates. Another renovation in 2003 expanded capacity to 254. With our 2015/2016 expansion and renovation we have a capacity of 411 inmates. We work together with the our staff to keep the jail safe and secure, and to provide a humane environment for the inmates in our charge.

Lieutenant Tarneseia Pringle
Jail Administrator

Lieutenant Dan Knapp
Jail Operations

Lieutenant Roy Asquith
Jail Operations

Inmate Account Deposits

Funds can be deposited into an inmate’s trust fund account online. Gift packages for inmates can also be purchased online.

Victim Notification

Get notified of an offenders incarceration status changes so that you are aware of an offenders’ release from jail or other status changes.

Livingston County Jail
Jenny Nash, Livingston County Treasurer
Michael J. Murphy


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