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The Livingston County Human Services Collaborative (HSCB) started in 1989 and was officially recognized as the county Multi-Purpose Collaborative Body by the state and county Board of Commissioners in 1995. The HSCB is comprised of 26 appointed members that work together to coordinate health and human services across systems.

The HSCB does its work through established committees and workgroups which have specific goals and objectives to complete. The HSCB and most workgroups meet monthly and consist of representatives from public and non-profit organizations, business, and interested residents of the community. The HSCB also:

  • Develops strategies and programs to meet current and future needs.
  • Fiscally manages state- funded collaborative initiatives.
  • Monitors the effectiveness and efficiency of collaborative projects.

To learn more about the work of the HSCB, contact Amy Johnston at (517) 586-2039 or

Community Resource List

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Food Resources

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HSCB Members

  • Stacy FarrellLiv Co Citizen
  • Dawn AwreyMI Works- Director
  • Madison Arendt,   Non-/For Profit
  • Elizabeth StankovCMHPSM
  • Miriam Cavanaugh,    Probate Judge
  • Connie Conklin, CMH Director
  • John FureyNon-/For Profit
  • Rachel Gerutta, Consumer Seat
  • Scott Barb, Planning Department
  • Anita Gibson At Large
  • Jay GrossCommissioner
  • Stephanie HallAAA1B Director
  • Susan Harding, Non-/For Profit
  • Mike Hubert, LESA Superintendent
  • Mark Hymes(C) At Large
  • Greg KelloggBusiness, LETS Director
  • Matt Bolang,  Health Department Director, Non-/For Profit
  • Angela ParthNon-/For Profit
  • Amanda BorgTrinity Health Livingston (P)
  • Brooke RainsNon-/For Profit
  • David ReaderProsecutor
  • Elizabeth StahlNon-/For Profit
  • Ramon BacaAt Large
  • Ahmad Sabbagh(VC) DHHS Director
  • OpenConsumer Seat
  • Open, Non-/For Profit

Mission Statement: Ensuring a system of support for members of our community.

We believe that collaboration means shared stewardship of community resources for the common good of Livingston County.

We believe the HSCB is responsible for developing continuums of services from prevention to treatment.

We believe that collaboration requires broad community representation.

We believe the HSCB should ensure that community members needing services from multiple agencies receive services as efficiently and effectively as possible by creating systems of care.

We believe that the HSCB should provide a caring community for Livingston County residents by supporting each other’s work.

Human Services Collaborative Body



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622 E Grand River
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