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   LCHD is transitioning to a virtual platform for immunization waiver education. Review the new process below. 

Michigan Public Health Law requires that all infants and children have certain vaccinations or a valid waiver before entering public or private school or licensed childcare settings. These requirements exist to prevent the spread of disease and to prevent injury or death in the community.

Michigan parents/guardians who opt not to fully vaccinate their children before they enter school or childcare must receive education and request a waiver from their local public health department.

Follow the process below to request an immunization waiver from Livingston County Health Department (LCHD).

Virtual Immunization Waiver Education

Completing LCHD’s Virtual Immunization Waiver Education is the first step in obtaining an immunization waiver for your child.

Waiver Process

  1. Complete LCHD’s Virtual Immunization Waiver Education.
  2. Schedule an in-person appointment at LCHD.
    • You will not be able to schedule an appointment until the virtual education is complete.
  3. At the in-person appointment, sign the immunization waiver form.
    • Remember: The immunization waiver process is not complete until the waiver is signed in-person.
    • Once the waiver is signed, a copy is automatically shared with your child’s school.

If you have difficulty viewing or completing the virtual education, contact LCHD for an in-person appointment at 517-546-9850.

Waiver Guidelines

  • LCHD is only able to provide nonmedical immunization waivers for religious and philosophical objections.
    • LCHD does not provide immunization waivers for medical reasons. Contact your child’s health care provider for a medical immunization waiver.
  • The immunization waiver education is provided for children in childcare through high school.
  • Immunization waivers are required:
    • Annually for childcare
    • Before starting Kindergarten
    • Before starting 7th grade
    • Anytime the student changes school districts

Additional Information

Who needs an immunization waiver?

If a child is not up-to-date on their vaccinations, a waiver is required for the child to enroll in:

  • A licensed childcare
  • Preschool or Head Start
  • Kindergarten
  • Seventh grade
  • A new school district (or a new charter or private school)

Parents or guardians of school-age children entering other grades and remaining in the same school district do not need to request a wavier at this time, even if their child or children are not fully vaccinated.

Why is immunization waiver education required?

In December, 2014, the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules approved an educational requirement for Michigan parents opting their children out of getting vaccinated before entering school. The rule allows parents/guardians to have the opportunity to speak with a health educator from their local health department about their concerns and questions regarding immunizations prior to the nonmedical waiver being signed.

Any parent/guardian who wants to claim a nonmedical waiver will need to receive education regarding the benefits of vaccination and the risks of disease from a Local Health Department (LHD) before obtaining the certified nonmedical waiver form through the LHD. The rule requires the use of the State of Michigan’s official nonmedical waiver form.

Click here to learn more about immunization waiver education.

Where can I learn more about immunization waivers?

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