Incorrect Information on GPS or Online Maps

My address cannot be found or shows in the wrong place in mapping websites or my GPS unit. What can I do to correct the mapping information?

Many websites are now available to search for an address and its approximate location is placed on a map. Driving directions from one location to another can also be obtained from these websites. The data that powers these websites sometimes comes from a third party vendor and is updated according to meet their standards and timeline. We do not know when or how often their data is updated.

Other GPS manufacturers will most likely provide a similar method for reporting a map or driving directions error. Check the website for your GPS unit to find out how to submit a map correction.


MapQuest receives their map and road data from NAVTEQ. You can also report an error using the (formerly known as NAVTEQ) Map Reporter website.

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Google Maps

You can use Google Map Maker to report an incorrect address placement, street name error, or problems with driving directions. You will need a Google account in order to edit the map using the Map Maker website.

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Bing Maps

A ‘Feedback’ link to report a problem to is available from Bing Maps in the lower right corner of the screen.

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While you may think of TomTom as a GPS company, they also create map and road data used in other websites or GPS units. To report an error to TomTom, visit their Map Share Reporter website.

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If you own a Garmin GPS unit, use their online form to report a map error.

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