Livingston County will be closed on Monday, May 27th in honor of Memorial Day.

Intergovernmental Agreement for Access to GIS Data

Each local unit of government in Livingston County is eligible to participate in a data sharing agreement with Livingston County GIS. After approving the Intergovernmental Agreement, each community receives GIS layers from the County on a quarterly basis at no charge. Additionally, any consultant performing work for a community can also receive GIS data at no charge. In return, the County expects to receive any GIS data created by or for the communities. All Livingston County communities participate in the data sharing agreement and use the GIS data at their local government office.

Enhanced Access

Defined by Enhanced Access to Public Records Act, 1996 P.A. 462 and Amended in 1998, Livingston County’s Enhanced Access policy defines terms, provides for operational provisions, and allows for the establishment of a fee structure to provide access to or output from countywide databases such as the GIS.

Data Dissemination Agreement

This agreement is entered into with agencies who receive GIS data from Livingston County at no charge. The agencies that are eligible to receive data at no charge include:

  • Consultants performing work for a local community
  • Consultants performing work for the County
  • Other government agencies
  • Non-profit organizations

Non-Disclosure Agreement

This agreement is entered into upon sale of any Livingston County GIS data layer in digital format. The agreement needs to be signed once. Subsequent orders are added to the agreement’s appendix.

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