Our Livingston County GIS database has many layers available. Some of these datasets were acquired from other agencies, whereas others were created and are maintained by our staff. A complete list of GIS layers is available, or data that can be downloaded from other agencies is available in PDF format.

A description of our most popular layers can be found in the LCGIS Metadata document. Additional details for specific layers that have many attributes can be found by clicking the links below.

Address points and roads are used in tandem to support the public safety community. The road centerline data is updated monthly to accommodate the needs of E9-1-1 Central Dispatch. New roads are added or re-drawn to improve spatial accuracy. The road name and address ranges stored with each road segment are updated to match the address points.

New parcel splits are added to the tax parcel layer several times each year. As part of the parcel maintenance process, the subdivision, parcel dimension, and section layers may also updated if necessary.

In addition to maintaining the base map layers, our Office works with all County Departments to develop datasets specific to each Department’s business needs.

Election Geography layers created for the “QVF to the Map” project include Voting Precincts, Commissioner Districts, and School Districts. The County Clerk and local Clerks use these layers to assist with determining the correct election information for voters.

Many Points of Interest were mapped as part of Livingston County’s Hazardous Mitigation Plan and are also utilized by E9-1-1 to assist with dispatching emergency personnel to these locations.

LiDAR data acquired through a grant in spring 2010 were processed in-house to create 2’, 5’ and 10’ contour layers using the ArcGIS 3D Analyst Extension. The LiDAR data points were not fully classified which resulted in a few anomalies in the contour lines such as ‘mounds’ along roads caused by trees overhanging the right-of-way. However, Departments found great value in the contour data as part of a preliminary site design.

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