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Taxable Value is what your taxes will be based on!

Assessed Value (AV) – AV is 50% of the usual selling price or true cash value of your property.

State Equalized Value (SEV) – SEV is the assessed value as finalized by the county and state equalization process. In most municipalities the SEV and AV will be the same.

Capped Value – The capped value will be the prior year’s Taxable Value minus losses increased by the consumer price index or 5% whichever is less, plus additions.

Losses are a component of your property which is physically removed. For example, the removal of a garage.

Additions are a component of your property which is physically added. For example, adding a family room or finishing a basement.

Taxable Value (TV) – Taxable Value is simply the lesser of State Equalized Value or Capped Value.

Homeowners Principal Residence Percentage – This represents the portion of your property that you own and occupy that is exempt from some school taxes.

Qualified Agricultural Exemption – This represents property devoted primarily to agricultural use that is exempt from some school taxes.

Property Transfer – In the year following a transfer of ownership, the taxable value is uncapped and will equal the SEV. The process of capped value resumes the next year until the ownership is transferred again.

Property Transfer Affidavit – An affidavit must be filed with the assessor in the unit the property is located by the buyer within 45 days of a transfer. Failure to do so could result in a fine of $5 a day up to $200.

The General Property Tax Act 206 Of 1893

211.34 (3)

“The county board of commissioners of a county shall establish and maintain a department to survey assessments and assist the board of commissioners in the matter of equalization of assessments, and may employ in that department technical and clerical personnel which in its judgment are considered necessary. The personnel of the department shall be under the direct supervision and control of a director of the tax or equalization department who may designate and employee of the department as his or her deputy. The director of the county tax or equalization department shall be appointed by the county board of commissioners. The county board of commissioners, through the department, may furnish assistance to local assessing officers in the performance of duties imposed upon those officers by this act, including the development and maintenance of accurate property descriptions, the discovery, listing, and valuation of properties for tax purposes, and the development and use of uniform valuation standards and techniques for the assessment of property. “

State Constitution (Excerpt)
Constitution of Michigan of 1968
Article IX
Finance and Taxation

“The legislature shall provide for the uniform general ad valorem taxation of real and tangible personal property not exempt by law except for taxes levied for school operating purposes. The legislature shall provide for the determination of true cash value of such property; the proportion of true cash value at which such property shall be uniformly assessed, which shall not, after January 1, 1966, exceed 50%; and for a system of equalization of assessments.

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