Application Process

When to Apply

Once you have an approved Soil Evaluation, you may apply for your septic permit. Remember to read the soil evaluation issued by our office to determine site-specific requirements. In addition, for all new building construction, you will also need to obtain:

Once you have obtained these permits, you can then apply for your building permit. Please contact the Livingston County Building Department (LCBD) for more information. LCBD has permitting authority for all of Livingston County with the exception of Green Oak Township. If your building project is located in Green Oak Township, please contact their Building Department directly.

How to Apply

Submit a complete Permit Application to:

Livingston County Health Department – Environmental Health Division
2300 E. Grand River, Suite 102
Howell, MI 48843

The application must include:

  •   Completed application form
  •   Documentation of permanent street address if new construction (tax bill, township address form, etc.)
  •   10-digit parcel identification number
  •   Copy of a certified survey and legal description (for new construction only)
  •   Copy of an accurate plot plan
  •   Appropriate fees

Once these materials are submitted, a Sanitarian will review and issue the permit and or contact you within 3-5 business days to request additional information. At your request, permits will be mailed or picked up once issued. Issued permits will automatically be forward on to the municipality and Building Official.

How long are my permits valid?

You have 1 year from the time your sewage/well permit is issued to complete construction. After that, the permit must be rewritten and a fee assessed. If changes are made which require a site visit, an additional fee may be required.


Your inspection schedule will be listed on your permit. The sewage contractor will contact us for the required inspections. All inspections will be made promptly (usually within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.) Please note that any deviations from your original plans must be approved by Environmental Health before excavation/construction can begin.

Typical inspections include:

  • Excavation Inspection: An excavation inspection is required on all drainfields. The Sanitarian must inspect the excavation before you place any sand fill or stone in the drainfield. This inspection ensures that the size and location of the drainfield are appropriate, and ensures that suitable soil conditions are available.
  • Final Inspection: After the field is constructed, the tanks are installed, and before covering any portion of the system a final inspection is conducted. The Sanitarian will draw up an as-built drawing of the drainfield location which will be mailed to the homeowner for their records. All completed sewage systems must be inspected and approved by Livingston County Environmental Health.
  • Final Grading Inspection: Following final inspection, it may be necessary to conduct a final grading inspection, which determines whether there is proper cover over the septic tanks and drainfield, and that surface water is directed away from the installation.

Upon completion of the septic system inspections, a final approval (Completed Permit) will be issued when the sewage system has been approved. Once the sewage system has been approved, the Completed Permit will be forwarded to the appropriate building department. The building department must have this documentation on file before they will issue their Certificate of Occupancy.

For more information, please contact an Area Sanitarian (based on your Township) or call Livingston County Environmental Health Division at (517) 546-9858.

Last Modified June 27, 2023

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