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The fee for standby services is $150 an hour, which you will be billed after the event. An EMS Supervisor or an additional paramedic is $75 an hour.

Special Response Units are staffed with two Medics on a modified utility vehicle equipped with stretchers for patient transport in rough terrain.

Specialized Medical Trailer Stand-by & Other Resources

  • A 26 ft. long mobile medical and operations trailer deployable to a static event or for a natural disaster. A 7kw generator, HVAC, ALS and BLS medical supplies.
  • Additional rehab trailers, communications, and command post trailers and large-scale communications/command post trucks are also available.


Dedicated Ambulance With Advanced Life Support

$150 an hour (Immediate transporting capabilities)

Dedicated Advanced Life Support Non-Transporting Unit

$75 an hour (This provides on-site advanced medical care, but not immediate transporting capabilities, and is staffed with one Paramedic)

Non-Dedicated Ambulance and/or Echo Unit

No charge (This unit would be on site, however if requested for service for a 911 call, the non-dedicated unit would have to leave, and our dispatch would do the best to replenish coverage, but is not guaranteed.)

Special Requests

Special requests such as an Event trailer or all terrain utility vehicle will require additional personnel and advanced planning at least two to three months ahead of the event.

  • Ambulance: Two medics and/or medic/EMT on an ambulance
  • Special Response Unit: Two medics and/or medic/EMT on a modified utility vehicle
  • Supplemental medics as determined for an event
  • ** Licensed medical providers (EMT and/or Paramedic) can be provided depending on the venue’s requests and insurance requirements

Should the date or time of your event change, please notify us in advance. Additionally, should you need to contact our Special Events section on the day of your event, please contact Livingston County EMS at (517) 546-6220 or

Jenny Nash, Livingston County Treasurer

David Feldpausch
EMS Director



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