Virtual Hearings are held via Zoom. It is important to keep in mind that you are “virtually” appearing in a Court of Law. Please follow the guidelines below when attending a virtual hearing.


Virtual Hearing Etiquette

  • Prior to appearing for Court, make sure you have the courtroom Zoom login information. If you do not have it, call the Coordinator, to obtain this information.
  • Log on 15 minutes before Court begins to ensure you have enough time to log in. This also gives you time to account for any technical mishaps that may occur while logging on to the Zoom Courtroom.
  • When you log on, you will be placed in the waiting room. Please make sure that your name on Zoom is your full first and last name and not a phone number. You can change this while in the waiting room. If you need assistance with this, please call the Coordinator.
  • As soon as you enter the Zoom Courtroom you must mute yourself and remain muted until you are called upon to talk by the Judge.
  • You must wear Courtroom appropriate attire.
  • Remain seated during the entire proceedings. No laying down, moving about, or doing other things while attending Court.
  • Make sure your face is visible in the camera with appropriate lighting.
  • Stay on Zoom until Court is dismissed by the Judge.
  • If you get disconnected during the Court proceedings, try to log on again and if you are unsuccessful, you must immediately notify your probation officer.
  • Do not smoke or vape while attending Zoom Court.
  • Do not eat or drink while attending Zoom Court.
  • No talking during Court proceedings unless it is your turn to speak.
  • No profanity or inappropriate conversations while in Court.

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