Adult Drug Court

The Adult Drug Court combines support, case planning, treatment, and ongoing review from a team of court and treatment professionals to help participants manage their recovery.

Community Corrections Advisory Board

Find the upcoming meetings, past meeting agenda and meeting minutes, and board members.

Juvenile Drug Treatment Court (JDTC)

Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts (JDTC) are designed for youth with substance use disorders who come into contact with the juvenile justice system through comprehensive supervision, drug testing, treatment services, sanctions and incentives.

Intensive Treatment (IT) Mental Health Court

Intensive Treatment Mental Health Court (IT Court) is a specialty court program established to improve the response to individuals with serious mental illnesses who have come into contact with the criminal justice system.

Swift & Sure Sanctions

The Swift and Sure Sanctions Probation Program (SSSPP) is an intensive probation supervision program that is designed to be fair, swift, certain, and consistent while providing proportionate responses to behavior.

Veterans’ Treatment Court

​A Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) is a treatment-based problem solving court that serves justice-involved veterans.

Livingston County Courts

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Closed County Holidays

Judicial Center

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