Livingston County will be closed on Monday, May 27th in honor of Memorial Day.

Individuals and families involved with courts face challenges. These include substance abuse and addiction, untreated mental illness, domestic violence, and ability to meet basic needs such as food, shelter, transportation, and employment. Livingston County has a very active and effective Human Services Collaborative Body that works to make needed resources available.

For substance abuse and addiction, Livingston County has a Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC.) This system identifies the person’s current status in the “Stages of Change” model. Based on where the person’s current thinking is, the program will direct the person to the appropriate services. If the person is immediately ready for treatment, then the appropriate treatment will begin. If the person is not yet ready, he or she will be supported in attending pre-engagement groups, and may also have a peer support person assigned. Treatment is planned with the full participation of the person, and the focus is on community based supports for recovery. For more information on ROSC, click here. To obtain an assessment, contact ACCESS at (517) 546-4126. ACCESS may recommend that you attend a “pre-engagement group” to get a sense of whether you are motivated to make a change. Here is a list of Pre-Engagement groups available in the community at no charge.

For those with mental illness that is not currently being treated effectively, through medications, counseling, or a combined approach, assessment and treatment are also available through ACCESS at Livingston County Community Mental Health at (517) 546-4126, or through private providers. Evidence based services to address common needs such as depression, anxiety, and the ongoing effects of trauma, are available. More local, state, and national resources are available.

For families experiencing domestic violence, Livingston County has LACASA, which offers a shelter, advocacy services, and counseling programs for adults and children who are survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault. LACASA also offers an Assailant Intervention Program, a 40 week group program for perpetrators of domestic abuse.  LACASA provides a variety of other services, including group counseling for youth in the schools.

For basic needs, Livingston County has an active 211 service that provides access to a wide range of services. For those who need more help, there are Resource Navigators available to assist. For information on state assistance, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is available.

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