Filing Fees

If multiple motions are being filed at the same time in the same case, only a single motion filing fee will be charged and applied to all motions. The filing fee will be in the amount of the highest chargeable motion fee.

When Support Motion is filed without a request to change custody or parenting time, the filing fee is $60. If a Support motion is accompanied with a request regarding custody or parenting time, the $100 filing fee applies to post-judgment cases.

Post Judgment Cases (Includes FOC Fee)
Open Pending Cases

Fee Waiver Requests

If you are indigent or receiving public assistance, you may be eligible to have your fees waived. To apply for a fee waiver please complete Waiver/Suspension of Fees and Costs (Affidavit and Order) and submit it with your motion. You must check back with the Clerk to see if the Judge granted or denied your request to have fees waived.

Filing Instructions

  1. Call the our Office at (517) 546-9816, to schedule a hearing date and time before the Friend of the Court Referee.
  2. Complete the Support Motion (FOC 50).
  3. Complete a Praecipe for FOC Referee (see Forms page).
  4. Make two copy sets each of the completed Support Motion and praecipe;
    • One copy to serve on other party, one copy for yourself.
    • Our Office will copy for you at a charge of $1.50 per page copied.
  5. Complete the Circuit Court Praecipe, Proof of Service, and Motion and Notice of Hearing (see Forms page).
  6. File all of the above with the Clerk at 204 S. Highlander Way, Suite 4, Howell, MI 48843.
    • If filing by mail, you must provide a self addressed stamped envelope for the return of your copies.
  7. Serve a copy of the motion and praecipe on the other party by first class US Mail or personal service.
  8. Be sure to complete the Proof of Service (referenced in 5 above) and file it with the clerk’s office right away.  Otherwise, your motion may not be heard.

Circuit Court Clerk

Elizabeth Hundley, Livingston County Clerk

Elizabeth Hundley
County Clerk

Kristi Cox
Chief Deputy County Clerk



(517) 546-9816


Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
(Paperwork processed up until 4:45 p.m.)

Closed County Holidays

Judicial Center

204 S Highlander Way
Suite 4
Howell, MI 48843


(517) 548-4219