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Residential Permits

Requirements & a sequence of events for residential projects.


Commercial Permits

Requirements & a sequence of events for commercial projects.

Continuation Permits

For voided permits, expired permits, or permits taken over by a different person.


Plan Review Fees

Fees for various building projects such as new builds, remodels and demolitions.


Certificates of Occupancy

Requirements & applications for obtaining a temporary or full Certificate of Occupancy.



Permit applications for commercial & residential projects.


Permit Examples

Want a quick rundown of what you’ll need for your project? We’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a permit valid for?

A permit stays valid as long as work is progressing and inspections are conducted. A permit will become invalid if the authorized work is not started within six months after the permit was issued, or if the authorized work is suspended or abandoned for a period of six months. Cancelled permits won’t be refunded or reinstated.

Who can pick up building permits?

Residential Permits:
Individual Picking Up Requirements
Contractor/Builder or Designees Identification for anyone; plus a Notarized letter from the contractor to allow designees pick up privileges (this could include the homeowner)
Homeowner Identification for anyone
Agent of Homeowner Identification for anyone; plus a letter from the homeowner allowing agent pick up privileges
Commercial Permits:

There are no restrictions for who can pick up commercial building permits. Permits can be released to anyone as long as identification is provided.

Who can sign permit applications?

Application Type Who May Sign The  Application What’s Needed
Residential & Commercial
Electrical, Plumbing & Mechanical Permit Applications
Requires original signature of the license holder Current registration with the Livingston County Building Department
Residential Building Permit Applications
Water Tap Plumbing Permit Applications
Sewer Tap Plumbing Permit Applications
Contractor or designee Letter of designation specifying who may sign is needed. A notary seal is necessary
Commercial Building Permit Applications Anyone (no restrictions) Identification
Residential Building, Electrical,
Plumbing & Mechanical Permit Applications
Homeowner or agent of homeowner Identification or a letter from the homeowner giving the agent signature authority is required, as well as the agent’s personal identification
Building Department
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