1st Quarter 2023 Employee Recognition Winners Announced

We’re excited to introduce you to our latest Employee Recognition Award winners. For the first quarter of 2023, we recognized two External Nomination winners and one Internal Nomination winner. Let’s meet them below!

Internal Nomination Winner

Tony Coccia Employee Recognition WinnerTony CocciaVeteran Services

The individual who nominated Tony wrote: “He stayed past his shift to assist a Veteran in moving out of his apartment as he faced eviction and took him to a local hotel for emergency shelter. The following morning he took the same veteran to get groceries at Meijer.”

External Nomination Winners

Ariel Lund Employee Recognition AwardAriel LundVeteran Services
Veterans Counselor II

The individuals who nominated Ariel wrote: “Ariel Lund has saved my life. I’ve had significant struggles with my health over the last couple years. It recently cumulated into me becoming homeless, and losing my ability to work. I went to the hospital and they learned I was homeless. Their social worker knew Ariel and reached out. After a few days in the hospital I was discharged and immediately met with Ariel. I’m someone who’s never used government assistance and she’s been fantastic. Accepting help has been a challenge. Ariel made me comfortable accepting help. She’s always available. She follows through with everything in a timely manner. She even thinks of the things that need to be done so nothing gets missed. I look forward to finding out what medical issues need to be addressed soon and hopefully get back to working sooner than later. My journey has just begun but at least I know I have a dedicated partner with Ariel who will not only assist me but enjoys doing so.”

“Ariel was so positive and accurate with helping me, it lowered my stress level. I was so upset at what I thought was my failure to not know all the answers. She quickly smoothed everything out for me 😊”

“Ariel has been a priceless partner and advocate for our family. Her kindness, empathy, and understanding have impacted us far beyond even the financial help we received. She represents the change humanity needs to see; the good in the world.”

Jackie Chvinsky Employee Recognition AwardJackie Chivinsky – County Clerk, Circuit Court
Legal Division Supervisor

The individual who nominated Jackie wrote: “While working at the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, Jackie received a phone call from an attorney who wanted a proposed Order processed immediately and sent to the Judge for signature. As part of Jackie’s regular duties, she processes numerous proposed Orders each day. This proposed Order was not labeled as emergency, however, Jackie took the extra time to truly listen to the attorney and why she was asking for the proposed Order to be processed so quickly. It turned out that the attorney had a hearing scheduled for the next day with several witnesses subpoenaed and was hoping she could have the proposed Order approved, so that the witnesses would not need to appear. Understanding this, Jackie contacted the FOC to see if there was anything that could be done. Together, with the assistance of the judicial secretary and referee coordinator, we were able to have the proposed Order approved and let the attorney know that her witnesses would not need to appear for the hearing. Despite her workload, Jackie even offered to hand deliver the proposed Order to the referee coordinator to make sure it could be handled as quickly as possible, as it was late in the afternoon and the hearing was the next day. After the proposed Order was processed, Jackie sent a follow-up email thanking the “team” effort, but it really was all Jackie going the extra mile to help.”

County Communications
Allison Nalepa

Allison Nalepa
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